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Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash

Inspire Flair| 20 October 2018 // At Toronto, ON

By Christine Graham, Author

“The purpose of a goal is what you become as a person while Achieving it.” – Billy Cox

Passion drivers were around for centuries. They did not deter from their beliefs despite the opposition. Perhaps it is in their DNA or simply a need to fulfill a cause. The fear of the unknown can throw us off course and drive our passion in the wrong direction.

Years ago, people were reluctant to believe the theories of many philosophers. Pythagoras was among those that suggested the spherical earth. We all know now and conclude that the earth is in fact round. These and numerous events thereafter have opened our imagination to understand that anything is possible. This has set the passions in motion.

What do some people do when faced with a certain setback in their life? They retreat or seek console. Their passion and zest for life diminish. Some, keep going despite the odds. What sets these people apart? Well, let’s take a look at people who escaped punishment, ridicule, or lost everything, but still driven in spite of it all.

Nelson Mandela was a well-known activist for apartheid in South Africa. He devoted his life to demonstrating acts of humanities. Through his struggle, he sought peace, freedom and democracy. His triumph came when he was released from prison and became the first black president of South Africa. Gandhi pursued non-violence independence in India. Mother Theresa, though receiving criticism, she cared for many people dying of diseases, including AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis. To this day, there are countless passion drivers of our time. Oprah founded her own network. She was told her ratings were too low to be successful. Undeterred, her determination, passion, and relentless drive kept her going.

The prisons and graveyards are filled with people who allowed their passions to drive them in the wrong direction. Many, turned to excessive drinking, drugs, unhealthy and unlawful behaviour attempting to quench the desires they had within them. Never fulfilling or reaching their true destiny.

If we could dig deep inside, finding the root of what ignites us, then our true passions can be released. Reaching to find the core of our passions is internal, but we can be inspired by the passion drivers of the ages, the innovators, and passionate leaders of today. What are you passionate about? When you find your passion, let it be the driving force that leads you in the right direction.