Pray and Meditate
It is essential to commit to pray every day. Prayer is a defence against anything that will come against you. Prayer also aligns your vision, which allows you to get to the purpose that God has for you.

Control your Emotions
We all have emotions, which is why we cry when we are feeling down or if something terrible has happened to someone we love, but when you allow your feelings to get the better of you, then you have not given it over to God to take full control over your life.

Planning for your Purpose
When you want to plan for your purpose, you first have to establish your goals. By doing this, you have to write your vision. Having a clear vision of where you are going allows you to make better choices in life and limits distractions.

Aligning your Thoughts
While we may agree that there is a greater force that is leading our lives, we may want to align ourselves with this calling. God has great plans for our lives when we place ourselves in His hands and align our thoughts with His words; life seems to turn out better and be less stressful.

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